Enhancing Libido With Clary Sage

CLARY SAGE is believed to enhance the sexual pleasure of a woman during intimate encounters. When applied to the woman's genital area 5-10 minutes before love making, it causes the area to become engorged, sensitizing the area with a warm feeling. For many women, this experience creates more pleasure, orgasms can be easier to achieve, and last longer! (Varying effects occur of course, with each person.)

WARNING: Because oils are so strong, studies have NOT been done on the effects of this oil on a condom or other contraceptive products that may be used at the same time. It is safe to assume that it will cause the condom to weaken; therefore caution should be greatly exercised when Clary Sage is used if you are worried about a pregnancy.

IS CLARY SAGE SAFE? On the scientific side, Clary Sage contains over 250 constituents. Monoterpenes, camphene, myrcene, limonene; sesquiterpenes, monoterpenols (15%): linalol (6-16%) terpinene; sesquiterpenols; diterpenols: sclareol; Terpene esters (75%); linalyle acetate (62-76%); Ethers; oxides: 1,8 cineol, linalol oxide; Ketones; Aldehydes: Coumarins. Utah Clary Sage distilled contains 5-7% sclareol. "Many people mistakenly assume that the sclareol in Clary Sage acts like estrogen, even though it does not. Sclareol is not an estrogen, although it can mimic estrogen if there is an estrogen deficiency. If there is not an estrogen deficiency, sclareol will not create more estrogen in the body. As a rule, essential oils bring balance to the human body." People's Desk Reference for Essential Oils, p.64, Essential Science Publishing.

In layman terms, Clary Sage has been used in an effort to try to reduce high cholesterol, estrogen support (though it is NOT estrogen), supporting the hormones for a woman's menopause and PMS challenges. It is very relaxing and anti-fungal. Clary Sage is not a drug and is considered to safe when used as recommended. But with all things, moderation and wisdom are always the first rule.

As with the use of all Young Living Essential Oils, the persons using the oil becomes ultimately responsible for the reasonable use of the oil. Young Living oils are the finest in purity. NO PETRO-CHEMICALS are used. Great advice is to ALWAYS use THE PUREST, when applying to the sensitive areas of a person. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

COMPANION OILS TO CLARY SAGE: Cypress, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Citrus oils, Juniper, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

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